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Selflessness,forgive,inspire,rejuvenate,self care

My Journey

Hello, 2023!

The COVID 19 pandemic is still around, and many of us are still dealing with loss that came with it.

There was a time when I feared going to work, being an essential worker haunted me. It felt like selflessness had to be redefined, as I wanted to be selfish!

Sure, I had to go to work daily, but what would I bring back home to my family. The ones dependent on me, the ones I had to protect.

I gradually started to adapt to the pandemic rush. Gradually, meaning regular cry sessions in the kitchen and my work station.

Hugs are part of my job. Young, old, and co-workers were hugged on the daily. It was the unspoken word of “You doing good! It’s okay not to be okay. “

Suddenly! No hugs, no touch, masks, and social distancing took over… The COVID 19 pandemic was here.

Except for all the cry sessions, my essential working skills, aka the affectionate part, HAD to stop! This was a big deal for me.

Forgiveness, self care, and looking forward to one day experiencing rejuvenation were somewhat of a motivation.

I have lost family members, friends, and co-workers due to COVID 19. The thought of an online memorial service was unsettling.

I remember not being invited to a family member’s funeral. This devastated me. Funerals were limited in attendance.

It was not just any family member who passed away. It was my cousin who was my older sister.

I had so much doubt in my worthiness. How could I not be invited to my cousin’s funeral? Everyone knew about our special bond.

I was overthinking and very sensitive at this point in the pandemic.

This, on it’s own caused so much family drama. Sadly, until today, many family members are still giving each other the silent treatment. I kind of had to deal with it and moved on.

I joined an online support group for professionals. This was a life changer and much needed. My guilt and self worth was tried and tested through the unknown and fear of COVID 19.

Through the support group, it was nice to know that I’m not the only one feeling lost.

Our first Easter and first Christmas in the pandemic was daunting. A co-worker shared a photo on the office whatsapp group of her eating Christmas lunch via zoom with family.

Reality hit me hard! This COVID 19 pandemic was a destroyer. A destroyer of peace, time, and physical presence.

I felt thrown into the deep end, drowning, but keeping my head above water, as I had no choice.

When the restrictions were lifted, I feared the worse. I have been avoiding my family for their safety for nearly two years. How does one recover?

Even after getting the jab, my anxiety had not changed towards the pandemic.

And then it was time to reintergrate back into what was normal. No masks…

I have been sanitizing my hands for years. This routine was over exaggerated during COVID 19, but we all did what we could for our own sanity to protect us and those around us.

I arrived at work exhausted one morning. Saying nothing, but my face said it all. A co – worker approached me and said, “Be kind to yourself.”

These words changed my tunnel vision. I sat and paraphrased what she said for a while. All I was seeing was fear and hurting myself in the process.

It’s time to start healing. It’s time for us to start healing. We have all been affected, effected, and even infected by the pandemic.

We have been broken into pieces of hopelessness and emotional turmoil.

Outside of the pandemic, I have been juggling work, kids, my marriage, and forgotten how to spell “SELF CARE”.

The transition

I thought about my contributions one morning. My contributions of being selfless to others and how a shared journey could add to someone’s happiness.

I thought of starting a blog! This is all new to me, but a learning experience I’d love ❤️ to share with you.

My blog

I did some research and looked for words that have symbolic meanings. I found that daffodils, an inspring flower, symbolise rebirth and new beginnings.

And so I arrived at the name; I believe in Daffodils.

With this blog, I would like to contribute to redefining rejuvenation, being an inspiration, looking into the power of forgiveness, self-love, and self care.


Yes, I have officially welcomed you to; I believe in Daffodils.

May this blog contribute to your daily dose of Awesomeness!

I will be posting regularly on my thoughts, life experiences, and channeling into self care.

Welcome! 2023… Let’s do this!


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